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Our Vision


Our vision is to display the glory of God by living out a gospel-centered reality through loving and serving one another in our church family as well as our local community, just as Jesus has loved and served us.

1. We will seek to love God completely
2. We will seek to love each other intentionally
3. We will seek to love our neighbors intently
4. We will perform the ordinances diligently
5. We will seek to bless our community generously
6. We will work to preach the Gospel faithfully
7. We will engage in prayer consistently
8. We will worship with joy corporately
9. We will equip and encourage one another wholeheartedly


At BBC, “Fellowship” means being connected within the context of our lives. In a world that is growing more and more autonomous from each other, it is the desire of our church to be a place of connection and a place of help in times of need. These connections begin at church on Sunday often times, but hopefully move into the weekly and often daily rhythms of life. Our Fellowship and Care Ministries take on the task of providing opportunities to connect and to serve one another through various events and services.

The Fellowship Ministry team works to provide opportunities for connection within our church as well as services to our community through events such as Trunk or Treat, Sports Events, Banquets, Baby Showers, Camping Trips, Retreats and a host of other activities. This team is also involved in the decorating needs of the church for special seasons, occasions and events. The Fellowship Ministry works with all demographics and age groups within our church from Senior Citizens to the youngest attendees. They have a vision to encourage our church by creating opportunities for connection from within as well as opportunities to invite others to connect outside of the walls of a church.

The Care Ministry team are the hands and feet of Jesus to our church body. They work to connect our church with opportunities to help with individual needs such as meals and/or special needs after the birth of a baby or surgery, and sometimes just a little extra help when life hits hard. The Care Ministry works closely with the Deacons to assess specific physical needs within the body and they work to connect people within the body to meet those needs. The Bible is clear that we are to seek to meet people’s needs to the best of our ability (Acts3-4), and it is the heartbeat of this ministry that we would see some of those physical needs met for the glory of God and as a testimony to the Lord.

The care ministry also serves as coordinators for food for Fellowships at the church such as funerals, potlucks, the Cafe and other social events.


We believe that our gathering on Sunday as believers should be a time of worship and sanctuary. It is our desire that those who attend our gathering would sing and speak the truth of who our great God is: collectively thanking Him for His person, His presence and His provision in our lives.

Worship is best expressed through adoration and action and this is manifested both through the individual believer in how they live their lives Monday-Saturday and corporately on Sunday mornings. Our desire for corporate worship is that it would inspire and instruct adoration and action in all of life. This can be through music, liturgy, tithes and offerings, partaking of the Lord’s Supper together through repentance of sin, and rejoicing over what Christ has done for us through His Son. We believe worship in the church should be a diverse expression of every person represented in our church body. The word “church” in the Bible comes from a greek word, “Ekklesia”, and communicates the idea of an eclectic or diverse group. Therefore, all we do in music and in our worship service should reflect the expression of our diverse body with the goal of declaring God’s glory. We encourage our children to be apart of our worship service as a way to encourage our youngest worshipers that we believe they play a role in offering collective repentance, praise and thanks. We include differing styles of music in our services, and believe that music should be enriching, encouraging and mutually beneficial to the body.

It is our goal as we lead people to reflect on the gospel and the goodness of God that we would create sanctuary.

Sanctuary is a place where something is protected or given shelter. It is our prayer that our corporate gathering on Sunday would encourage our congregants to leave the distractions of their daily burdens and focus on Christ: a place where we can confess our sins without fear and remember the gifts of His grace, His Atonement and His forgiveness.


At BBC, it is our aim to teach the whole Bible with one purpose in mind; namely to see the big story of the good news of Jesus within all 66 books.

Our Sunday services utilize expository (verse by verse) study. Our pastoral team is committed to see the Word of God taught rightly, understood deeply and practiced fully. They believe that it is the truth and redemption of the Bible that will impact every area of our lives as individuals and families.

LifeGroups are the heart of our church in many ways as they encourage community and a deep connection through the study of God’s word and through the ministry of prayer, mutual edification and the meeting of physical and spiritual needs.

Life groups provide much more of a connection than what you might receive on a Sunday morning alone. They meet twice a month and are made up of men and women of all ages and all demographics. We offer middle school, high school and young adults Life Groups as well. They meet twice a month in various locations and times and are hosted and led by various leaders and Hosts.

Life Groups focus on the community of the church and put into practice the biblical encouragement that scripture encourages over 31 times in the New Testament to have a direct, physical ministry to one another. Now more than ever, we at BBC believe that we need groups to pursue one another and to pursue christ together using all of our gifts to share in gospel work together.

The Women’s Ministry at BBC is focused on discipleship, encouragement, and fellowship. Our heart is for the women of BBC to develop a deep and thriving walk with Christ. No matter what age or demographic, our desire is to see that our ladies know God’s love through knowing His Word.

We believe that the heart can’t love what the mind doesn’t know and it is our prayer that they would be rooted and grounded in the knowledge of God’s word and that this would translate to knowing God and loving him (Ephesians 3). It is our desire that they would share that love with those in their work, their homes and in their every day lives. We host a yearly weekend retreat where we encourage our ladies to set apart time for themselves and to be refreshed by the word and the fellowship of others. We also offer quarterly events with the purpose of mutual edification, connection and a little fun too! During the winter months we host a time for moms of all ages to be encouraged and strengthened in their season of motherhood called, “The Sacred Ordinary” where our older mothers have the opportunity to speak into a myriad of things that make up mothering. We Also offer a yearly topical book or Bible study and work with the pastoral team to connect women who desire to disciple younger believers and who would like to be discipled.

Men’s Ministry at BBC is focused on discipleship, accountability, and leadership development. We believe the study of the Word of God is paramount in each of these endeavors. Proverbs 27:17 states that “As Iron sharpens iron, so a man sharpens the countenance of his friends”.

We seek to accomplish this through both regular fellowships such as monthly breakfast, a yearly book study, and Online accountability apps and tools. We also encourage our men to attend an annual retreat to spiritually reset and to form deeper relationships among brothers in Christ.

we seek regular connection and interaction through quarterly outings and work projects around the property at church and the surrounding community that create camaraderie and fellowship.

Leadership development is important to us at BBC. We believe that our identity as men is formed by the truths of the word of God and the personhood of Jesus Christ. We believe men have an important role given by God to be spiritual equippers in our homes, our church body and in the community at large. This being the case, the study and application of scripture is a fundamental part of everything we endeavor to do.

Children’s Ministry at BBC has a desire to see the next generation equipped and prepared with a good understanding of the gospel. Through a variety of learning tools like videos, gospel-centered books, visual illustrations, and well-examined curriculums, we can teach core, gospel-rich theology in a fun and practical way.

Teaching is what empowers our youngest worshippers to see God gloriously. We wish for all our children to worship God with their whole hearts with joy and excitement!

Throughout the year, we run special events designed to connect our children in community and give them an opportunity to invite friends who don’t normally attend Sunday services.

For nursing mothers or babies, we have Mac’s room available in the sanctuary with a live television feed. For toddlers who need to get the wiggles and giggles out, we have the cafe area that also provides a television live feed.

Youth Ministry desires to instill in the hearts of our youth the importance of real and genuine faith. We seek to challenge our teens to become leaders through biblical discipleship. We also provide multiple opportunities for our youth to connect with other peers in a positive environment. Some activities are game nights, skits, life groups, core groups, Ministry and outreach initiatives, and more.

We aim to be intentional through all our activities, always pointing to the beauty and love of God that is in Jesus Christ. We believe the Gospel is the only source of truth that empowers our youth, giving them confidence and hope for the future.

If you would like to know more about our ministry, email us at bbcfamily@broadalbinbaptist.com.